**Limited Quantity** Mugwort and Crystal Smudge Bundles


A Mugwort Smudge stick partnered with Quartz and Moonstone and prayerfully wrapped with blue thread to invoke dream remembrance.

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Harvested during the summer rays of June, I created these limited Mugwort and Crystal Bundles combining the energies of Mugwort, Moonstone, and Quartz, all tied with a navy blue cotton thread.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) has a strong affinity to the Lunar Goddess, Artemisia, and is said to assist those who are looking to travel to a place of magic. A place where dreams are vivid and can help us to connect to our deep and true selves for guidance from Spirit. Mugwort has traditionally been used as a spiritual cleanser similar to White Sage from Western United States, however, cultivating this plant from my home soil of Lancaster, Pa strengthens the grounding and centering capabilities for those of us local to the East Coast as it is truly grounded in our soil.

Pairing as perfectly with Mugwort is its’ crystal sister, Moonstone. Moonstone shares many of the same properties as Mugwort, helping us to turn inward and look at the divinity and intuition of our beings. Moonstone also increases our psychic awareness aiding in dream time remembrance.

To further open our minds and hearts to these dream time beings, I have included a single Quartz crystal to amplify the cleansing attributes allowing us to become even more in tuned to our intuition. The bundles are then wrapped with a navy blue cotton thread also used for dream work. I created these bundles intentionally during prayer to help us connect to Spirit and learn more about ourselves during our dreams. Use by lighting the tip and wafting its smoke around your aura and bedroom.

I have only a limited number of these available. If you are interested in this seasonal offering, I suggest purchasing soon as they sell out quickly.